How to cancel

If you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled riding lesson, please call our cancellation line, (440) 708-0012, and leave the following information:

The student’s name
The name of the student’s Instructor
The date and time of the lesson that you wish to cancel

Please see below for further information on how to schedule a make-up lesson.

Lesson fees are not refundable. Also note that “No shows” and students who cancel within one hour of their scheduled time, are not eligible for make-up lessons.

Scheduling make-up lessons is each student’s/family’s responsibility. Only students who have excused absences are eligible to receive a make-up class. “No shows” and cancellations made within one hour of the scheduled time, may not be made up.

A maximum of two absences in a two-month period can be made up. Make up lessons must be scheduled as soon as possible, preferably within three months of the absence. Availability of make-up lessons is not guaranteed.