Hey there everyone!  My name is Arrow, hence the arrow marking on my face. I was accepted in February 2014 to the lesson program. This is such a big change from what I am used to. For the past nine years, I have been at a public trail riding facility in Southern Ohio. I have a lot of miles on these legs and I have carried many people – kids and adults.  It was fun, but now as I am getting older, I need something a little different.  I have found it!

I am a 15-hand chestnut guy that was born in 1995. I am the perfect size for kids or small adults.  I stand patiently and am easy to lead, but I do have a nice forward trot; so be ready!  I enjoy working and having all the attention.  I really am very happy here.  Not to brag, but I am quite popular because I am such a well-mannered, easygoing and versatile guy.  See you all very soon!

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