Hi everyone! My name is Cindy. I am a 14.1 hand, Palomino Haflinger mare born in 1996.  I think I’m the sweetest horse in the barn. Well if I’m not, I’m definitely at the top of the list!  I was donated here in December of 2011 by Valerie Toth. She took me on lots of trail rides and her daughter helped to train me on the “ring work”.  See I was not very familiar with that type of work before she taught me; I was primarily a driving horse and was able to take the occasional trail ride with my original owner.

I’m a pretty talented lady. I love all the attention everyone gives me here. I stand perfectly still for grooming and my size makes me very accessible for a lot of the riders. As you will see when we work together, I’m eager to please and love to work. I don’t have any bad habits. I’m respectful of my space when you are leading me, but I will need a little guidance as I learn the ropes. The activities are lots of fun in the ring. However, I would prefer if you didn’t put things on my ears. You may get them on but I will most certainly shake my head to get them off. Just letting you know that I prefer not to have them there. You will notice that my forelock is quite lovely and long. Please be sure to brush it when you groom me and not to worry, I can see thru the hairs. I’m a big hit here. I keep hearing everyone say how cute and sweet I am. Well, I can certainly prove them right. You will see — I am as close to perfect as they come.

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