Generously sponsored by
Mary and Jeff Fenwick

Hi all! It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Dash, well my registered name is Black Mercedes Dash. I am an Appendix Quarter horse. Being that I have a lot of racing bloodlines, my first career was on the Quarter horse track, so I do have a tattoo. I did not stay on the track long; I found other avenues that suited me better. As you will soon find out, I am quite the cuddle bug; I just love attention and I am such the character. You will see that I stick out my tongue only to the left. There is nothing wrong with me; it is just part of my personality. My way of just saying “hi” – it does get me lots of attention.

I was donated to Fieldstone Farm in April of 2015 by Nancy Mills of Chagrin Falls. I have done so many things in my life; it is time to share it with others and take on a new career.

Mary and Jeff Fenwick are my sponsors and donated funds to pay for my hay, feed and veterinarian visits, when needed. Thank you Fenwicks!

This place is perfect being that I have been ridden English and Western; I am quite the versatile guy. Nancy rode me in dressage for a few years and I enjoyed that. I am definitely a people pleaser and thrive on attention. I was born in 1996 and so I do have a few miles on this handsome body. Of course with that being said, I do have some limitations; no more jumping for me and some days I might start out a little stiff at the trot tracking right. No worries, just part of getting old, but I do quickly warm up and work out of it.
I am a black, 16.1 hand refined guy. I am a real eye catcher. I am super sweet and very easy to work with. If I do say so myself, I have the best manners in the barn. I love, love, love to be groomed. I could stand there all day and soak up the attention. There are lots of activities to keep me busy. I am very well-mannered and good at reading people so I think I will be great in the mental health programs. Plus, I am just one of those guys you just love being around. I am super easy to lead; I pretty much just follow you. I do like the voice commands, it helps me to do what you want.

I have been there and done that, so I am very steady and level headed in the ring. I will be an awesome independent horse. I would prefer not to play a bunch of games while in the ring; I would rather get straight to work. I do enjoy working outside a lot – lots of things to look at out there.

Well, I am looking forward to spending time with all of you. See you soon!

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