Hi!  It is a pleasure to meet you.  My name is Doc.  I am a 15 hand, bay, Quarter horse gelding born in 1995.  I look fabulous for my age, right?  I am so excited to have become a member of the team here in September of 2017.  I can’t explain to you how much I love all the attention and activities.  I really enjoy working, so this is the perfect next career for me.  My donor, Michael Grattan, loved me so much that he wanted to make sure I found a great job since he is no longer able to ride me.  This wonderful place caught his eye because of all the work they do here with the Veterans.  See Michael is a veteran so he thought that this was a great place for me to be.  I will miss our long trail rides, but I know he is happy and proud that I am so loved.

I am sure to be a favorite member of the team.  I stand great for grooming and I am the perfect size for so many students.  I just love all the different things there are to do here – activities in the ring, the sensory course and of course the trails!  I am very good with all those things.  I am easy to lead and have impeccable manners.

I am a very laid back, easy going gentleman.  I can’t think of any bad habits that I might have.  Guess that means I am almost perfect?!  Lol!

Anyways, looking forward to working with you.  Oh, one more thing that you should know is that I do have allergies.  Sometimes I break out in hives, other times I may have a nasal discharge.  I am not sick, everything has been checked by a vet and it will go away.

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