Kiss Me Quick – no, just kidding! That is my registered name with the Pony of America. I’m known around here as Dodge. I’m a 13.1 hand, sorrel gelding. Yes, I am solid in color. I know, most POA’s have spots, but not me – I am special. It just adds to my character. And a character I am, well in the pasture mostly. I sure do have lots of fun out there.

But seriously, I have perfect manners. I love to be groomed and stand perfectly still. I am easy to lead and follow every cue my leader gives me. I am great with all the activities in the ring. I love going outside too – on the carriage trail or even in the woods is a lot of fun. I am sure you will enjoy working with me.

I am not from around this area. My donors Sami & Mikey Golaski live in Washington, Pennsylvania. They had lots of fun with me for the two years they owned me! We spent lots of time riding around the farm and getting ready for shows. However, we never made it to the show ring – I am really not a big fan of all that fancy stuff. I am a laid back guy and prefer not to be in the spotlight. So, here I am. They thought this would be the perfect job for me! Thanks for finding this place Mikey and Sami – it is wonderful and I am really happy. You better come visit me and check me out in action! You would be proud.

Sami & Mikey called me Durango, but there was already a horse here with that name. So, I thought it was appropriate for me as the new guy to get a new name. Dodge works for me and I do respond to it. I am a pretty flexible guy. Oh, I almost forgot to let you know I was born in 1997 but I assure you I have seen and done a lot. See you soon!

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