Howdy everyone!  I am Jim and it is very nice to meet you.  I was purchased by an anonymous donor in January 2016 to help with the driving program.

I was working hard in the fields all my life prior to arriving here.  Boy, this is quite the change of pace for me, but I sure do love it.  I tend to be a little reserved or you could say shy, when I first meet you.  I am not exactly used to all this attention and love.

I am a 16 hand, coal black Percheron born in 1996.  Yes, I have some age on this body, but I prefer to call it experience.  I am awesome at driving.  I have driven both single and double.  I respond very well to verbal cues and I am easy to lead.  You will be able to tell from my expression and body language what I am thinking.

I love to be groomed, but prefer 1 or 2 people; not a huge crowd, please.  I am still taking in all the sites and activities here.  You will see me in the driving and ground lesson programs.  I look forward to meeting you soon!

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