Hi, thank you for taking a few minutes to learn a little bit about me. Let me start by introducing myself. My show name is Frequent Flyer aka Pilot. Since we are on a first name basis go ahead and call me Pilot, that is what I am used to anyways. I am a registered chestnut Quarter horse guy born in 1994. I stand about 15.1 hands tall.

In May of 2018, I was donated by David Garratt, in memory of his wife Brooke. I spent a lot of time with Brooke trail riding throughout the years. I also competed in my younger days and participated in Pony Club with one of her daughters, Macy.

Prior to the Garratt’s owning me, I was ridden as a Western Pleasure horse. You will notice that I am a versatile guy but I do prefer the slower “Quarter horse” movement. I have a very soft mouth and am very responsive to my rider’s aides. Overall, I am a very laid back, easy going guy and incredibly easy to work around. See, I am a people pleaser and I want everyone to love me. How could you resist my cute face and my puppy dog eyes? I know lots of horses claim to be the sweetest, but I am pretty certain I am. I hear lots of instructors saying it and saying how perfect I am. Yay me! I just want to help out and have everyone enjoy being around me. I have perfect ground manners and I can just about lead myself.

Anyways, I love to be groomed and fussed over. I am great with all the ground lesson activities and of course the activities in the ring. I really enjoy going outside on the trail too – feels like old times! However, that green grass sure is tempting. I may need a few reminders that it isn’t polite to grab a snack when I am working.

I am a mellow fellow who loves to teach beginner riders. I am just that steady of a partner. I have one minor flaw, did I say minor flaw? Well no horse is perfect. I can be a little nippy when you tighten my girth. Please don’t take it personally, just something that developed over the years. The staff here is working with me to help make me feel better about the girthing process. I also, because of my build, tend to over use my front end which makes my pectoral muscles sore and then when the girth pinches them…..ouch! I am getting massages regularly which is helping a lot.

And speaking of feeling, you may feel a little thickening in my left front tendon. No worries, it is an old tendon strain from back in 2006. I am all healed so it doesn’t bother me at all. It sure won’t hold me back from bringing smiles to everyone! I am sure I’m a favorite, so I know I will see you soon. Thanks again for reading up on me! I will make us a better team!!!

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