Well hello there! My name is Simon. I am a big, gentle giant. I am super sweet and love attention. You won’t find a bigger guy sweeter than me! I am also a handsome fellow, so I certainly stand out in a crowd. I am a dark bay, 16.2 hand, sturdily built Percheron/Thoroughbred cross.

I was born in 1997 and have been lucky enough to have only had one owner since I was a year old, Sue Majzik. Sue instantly fell in love with me! We spent lots of time together and had so much fun. She made sure I had the best training and perfect ground manners. I have been ridden English, Western, low level Dressage and over lots of trails.

As we both grew older, she knew I needed a new job. Timing is everything. She found the perfect place for me! She knows how special I am and wanted others to be able to share my talents and great personality. In November of 2018, I became a part of the fabulous team of therapy horses at Fieldstone. I get lots of attention, great care and have a purposeful life. What could be better? I couldn’t be happier here if I picked this place myself.

I love to be groomed; seriously, I could stand there all day. I pick up my hooves like a perfect gentleman. I am very good with all the ring activities and especially love going out on trail rides and the sensory courses. You would think that with my big long legs I could cover some ground. Well, I can, but I prefer to walk at a slower pace. See, I am a very laid back, easy going guy. I have a forward walk, but not fast. I have a very steady and consistent trot. You will see.

If there is just one thing you should remember about me, it is that I respond to verbal cues. Please ask me what you need me to do and give me a little verbal direction and I will respond. Please don’t pull or drag me. I have been trained and I do respond to your verbal cues like a perfect gentleman. Give me a chance. I know my large stature may be a little intimidating but I truly am a big teddy bear and I really just want to please. See you soon!

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