Hi everyone! I am just so excited to have been accepted into Fieldstone Farm’s program in March of 2014.  My registered name with the APHA is Night Movin Kiss, but please just call me Ty. I was born in 2004 and I am about 16.3 hands tall.
I am no small gentleman. You certainly can’t miss me since I am a loud colored sorrel and white Tovero, with one blue eye.  I am an eye catcher with lots of personality too.
The Thurman family, from Wadsworth, raised me from a baby. It was a very difficult decision for them to make, but they wanted me to share my personality and talents with more people. They know how special I am and what a great life I will have here. They did lots of things with me, English, Western, 4-H shows and even some trail rides.  I am a pretty versatile guy.
As you will see, I am a big laid back guy, but I do walk with a purpose; my legs are quite long. I enjoy being groomed and there is lots of me to groom. Did I mention I love to roll and play in turnout?  I wear bell boots so I don’t pull off my shoes.  I enjoy participating in all the activities in the ring. In fact, I find them very entertaining.
I am quite the character and thrive on attention – the more the better! Sometimes I may lick you or play with the games. I don’t bite or chew, just lick; sort of my way of saying, “Hi!” I look forward to working as much as I can. I probably will work with more independent riders since I am so tall; it would be hard for side walkers to help my rider.
So, get those running shoes on and get ready to do some power walking with me – I’m not fast, I just have a big stride. I am sure I will meet lots of you soon; I am destined to be a favorite! I plan on being around this fun place for a long time!

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