Angie learned how to express herself

When Angie first came to Fieldstone Farm she was bottled up inside. She credits her experience at Gaitway, our alternative high school, to helping her to transform her life.

“The horses taught me a lot of things in a perspective that no one else ever could. They taught me to live in the moment and not in the past or the future. Also, they sensed when I was in a bad mood and knew how to cheer me up. I could talk about anything and they wouldn’t judge me. My life has improved so much, thanks to Fieldstone Farm,” says Angie, who is one of the 61 graduates of Fieldstone Farm’s Gaitway High School since its inception several years ago.

Gaitway was the very first alternative high school in the country housed at a therapeutic riding facility. Now several centers are looking into developing high schools using Fieldstone Farm as a model.