Well, hello everyone!  My name is King. I am so excited to have joined the herd at Fieldstone in October of 2017. As a youngster, I was an Amish work horse. Then as I grew older Cheryl Ciancibelli purchased me for her carriage service. I have led a very full and active life.

I was born in 2000, but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at me. Speaking of looking at me, I am a very regal looking black, 16.3 hand Percheron gelding. I guarantee you won’t miss me when you walk down the aisle. Please don’t be intimidated by my large stature; I have awesome manners and am super easy to lead. I love to be groomed and I stand like a rock. I just love all the attention. You will notice my super sweet disposition when you work with me. I know I have a relatively long neck and carry my head a little high, no worries, I drop it down softly for the halter and bridle. Please make sure you use your voice commands with me. I have grown accustomed to them and I need them for direction. You see, I have been driven single and double in the carriage service. You may even recognize me as one of the horses from Chefs Unbridled from previous years. Pretty cool, huh?

But my talent doesn’t stop there. Cheryl had a lot of variety in our work. I have given lessons to all ages of riders, been trail ridden and even been involved with her mental health programs. You could say that I am a pretty well rounded guy. Bet you feel pretty lucky that I ended up here! Just kidding, I am the lucky one. I just love it and all the variety here. I am great with all the ring activities and both sensory courses out on the trail. I am eager to please and want to be successful here too. You will see me in the riding and driving lessons. I hope to get to do some of the mental health programs as well.

Anyways, I can’t think of anything else to mention, except see you soon!

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