Well hello everyone! My name is Razz, short for Razscal. My name fits my personality quite well, as you will soon see. I am registered as a bay tobiano with the American Paint Horse Association under the name “A Dream Come True”. I am originally from the Vermont area and moved to Ohio a few years before coming here. It is fun here too. I love seeing new things. As you will notice when you work with me I love to take in the sights. I guess that is why I love trail riding so much. I get to walk at a nice leisurely pace and look at everything. I was born in 1995 and have led a pretty varied life. I have been ridden English, Western, Dressage and have done trail riding. I haven’t really done anything fancy in any of these disciplines, just exposure to them. I have done a schooling show or two, but I really didn’t care for that. I was donated to Fieldstone Farm TRC in June of 2010 and I have been having loads of fun.

There is lots of great stuff to do here and the amount of people I get to see, yippee! You won’t be able to pass my stall without saying hello – I stare longingly with my “puppy dog” eyes until you come over. I love being the center of attention, but I also love to work. It is boring standing around without a job. I think I’m quite versatile here. At 14.3 hands tall, I am a good size for grooming and I sure love that. You will see, I yawn a lot as I am relaxing during my grooming session. My size also makes me good for kids and adults to ride. And oh, don’t forget those side walkers, not a real big reach to the student on my back. The activities are lots of fun in the ring – I enjoy them all. I am not sure I have found one I like the best. I am pretty easy to lead, but you may notice I like to drift into your space a little, oops. I forget sometimes. Just give me a gentle reminder and I will try and stay focused. I just love people so much; I always want to be close to you. There isn’t a whole lot to tell you about myself, I am a pretty easy going laid back guy. I stand in the cross ties quite well and in the mounting area. I am just so excited to get to go into lessons! I am sure I will meet you all very soon! My winning personality and charm surely make me one of the favorites around here!

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