Hey there! I bet you have never met a cuter pony than me, and with a show name like Cupid’s Arrow, how could I not be? But please just call me Yogi. I just love being the center of attention. I have that easy going, fun loving, personality. I have been there and done it all. I have even done some driving. My donor, Stacie Foor, thought this would be the perfect place for me to share my talents since her daughter outgrew me. She donated me in June of 2019. I was born in 2001, I stand 12.1 hands tall and am a red roan, German riding pony. I was imported when I was four years old. Since that time, I have been shown, done trail rides, lead line classes and even participated in school plays. Quite the resume, huh?! No worries, I don’t let all the notoriety go to my head! I just love to please and be included in everything. There isn’t anything I won’t try.

I have perfect ground manners. I lead very easily. I really can’t think of anything I don’t like. I am very good with all the activities in the ring. It is also very fun to go outside on the sensory courses too!

One thing you may notice when grooming me is that I do get hair in my eyes and may have a slight drainage in my right eye – no worries – just wipe it gently. I am such a great size, I am sure you will see me out in lots of ground lessons too!

Please make sure you use verbal cues with me so that I know what you are asking of me. I don’t want to do the wrong thing.

This little cutie patootie will see you soon – so anxious to meet everyone!

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