Summer of fun!

Summer is a time to explore new adventures, have fun, and make friends. Summer Camp at Fieldstone Farm is an exceptional experience where campers discover their unique talents in week-long day camps. Camp staff, instructors, and counselors are specially-trained to bring out the best in children with special needs. Each day camp includes horseback riding and a variety of other activities tied into the week’s theme. Camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

In addition to activities based on the week’s theme, campers will learn about horses and riding skills. Daily, campers will be assigned a horse to groom, tack and ride. Riders will get a little dirty, play inside and out, and create lasting memories.

Camp Details
Our camp experience is designed for youth who are:

  • 6-16 years old at the time of their camp
  • 180 lbs. or less (180 lbs. is our weight limit)
  • able to cooperate in a group setting
  • self-sufficient in eating and toileting
  • able to clearly express their needs
  • do not require mid-day administration of medication

Health and Medical History
Along with the camp registration, we ask for a health and medical history. Please be thorough in completing this form as it helps us create a supportive experience for your camper. Fieldstone Farm reserves the right to request additional medical information and/or an evaluation by a medical professional prior to or during the course of summer camp. Our camp staff cannot administer mid-day medication.

Contact Katy at 440-708-0013, ext. 145 or

Camp Themes (Below are some of the camp themes from past years. We will update our dates, prices and camp themes early in January of 2020.

Picasso’s Ponies
Campers will engage their creativity and fine motor skills creating artwork and riding horses! Each day, campers will create their own masterpieces including a canvas of our very special therapy horses!

Wild West
Howdy cowboys and cowgirls! Fieldstone will take on a Wild West theme this week. Our imaginations will transform our trail rides into adventures through the Western plains. Campers will learn about the horses of the Wild West and play games with a Western flare including gymkhanas, barrel racing, pole bending, roping and team penning.

Music To Our Ears
Does your child love music? Horses love music too. Campers will create and experience the harmony of riding and music in this unique partnership with The Music Settlement, featuring daily involvement with a board certified music therapist.

What’s Up Doc?
How do you take a horse’s temperature? When a horse is sick, what do you do? This is the camp for budding veterinarians. Activities include learning how veterinarians care for animals and basic animal care from our experienced equine team. This week is best suited for kids with enough attention span and interest to manage more complex activities.

Riding through Grief
This camp is offered in collaboration with the Hospice of the Western Reserve for children ages 8-12 who have experienced the death of a loved one. Through riding and working with horses, campers explore grief issues supported by trained counselors. Register for this camp by contacting Western Reserve Grief Services at (216) 486-6838 or (

The carnival is coming to town – and you’re in it! Campers will gain skills of motor coordination, confidence, and teamwork. Activities will include carnival-themed crafts and hikes. Throughout the week, campers will play musical horses, beanbag toss, egg and spoon, dollar bareback, and more. Games on horseback create a special team atmosphere for all.

Happy Trails
Trail riding is a great way to relax and enjoy horses in new environments. Riders will ride through fun trail-like obstacles that fine-tune riding skills to precision movements. Activities include learning about our local wildlife, caring for our bluebird nests and playing games outside.

Mindful Moments
A horse is a calming friend. Through auditory (music therapy), olfactory (scent), and tactile (hands-on barn) stimulation, campers will gain skills to relax and self-regulate. With their horse partners, campers will engage in mindful activities like yoga, music therapy with a board certified music therapist, and meditation.

Make an Impression
Get inspired by nature and art. It’s time to get your hands dirty creating three-dimensional art using natural materials found on the farm to create unique sculptures and more! This week is best suited for kids with enough attention span and interest to manage more complex activities.

Therapy dogs interact with our campers several times a week.